Rudy Miller

Rudy Miller's paintings mirror the depth of his lifelong fascination with living things and the intricate worlds in which they live. As a youth, he often watched birds on Lake Ontario, and he has sought ever since to understand and describe the miraculous unfoldings of patterns in nature.

Embarking on a career as a scientist and teacher, Rudy earned Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Conservation at Cornell University, and a Master's degree in Ichthyology at Tulane University, where he did fish illustrations for scientific treatises, including the prestigious "Fishes of the Western North Atlantic." During a productive career as an ethologist and Professor at Oklahoma State University, he began working at a secondary career in painting, then took early retirement in order to pursue his art full time.

His passion for nature undiminished, Rudy now spends as much time painting nature as he does observing and studying it. His favorite animal subjects are birds, with their elegant lines and their often lush habitats. His landscapes emcompass the whole range of natural and pastoral subjects, though the warm sunlit vistas of the Southwest and the Rockies are particular favorites.

His paintings show a range of techniques that parallel the diversity of his subject matter. Just as each animal or each quiet place has a unique personality, so the artist seeks out the medium and technique best suited for his personal exploration of that essence. The last glowing rays of a marsh sunset and the swarming green excitement of a New England forest floor in spring are each treated to an individual interpretation that lavishes affection and thoughtful care on their special uniqueness. Each painting by Rudy Miller thus represents a wedding of the thoughtful, analytical design process and the excitement of spontaneous creativity.

Artist's Studio

2102 Oak Trail Drive
Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 372-7792
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